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Vendor Day 02/08/17 With Ethos & Northwest Pearl

Meet the marijuana growers, producers, and processors of some of your favorite products.

On February 8, 2017 we will be hosting both Ethos and Northwest Pearl for vendor day.  Both vendors should be in the store from about 11am to 4pm.  All products from both companies will be 15% off all day! 

Northwest Pearl

Northwest Pearl has some all around great marijuana flower such as Maui Waui, Planewreck and Blue Enzo.  If you’re looking for something quick and easy, they also have some .5g 1 and 2 pack joints, as well as Jefferies which are concentrate infused joints made with buds, rosin, and kief.


We have a large selection of Ethos tinctures available that are formulated specifically for an array of effects.  Ethos has done an amazing job of maintaining distinct, proprietary blends of cannabis, herbs, and other natural ingredients.  In these tinctures you can find Valerian Root, St. John’s Wart, Camomile, Green Tea extract, and other time proven substances.  Ethos has tinctures that give you energy or make you tired, some that calm, and some that improve your mood; there’s a tincture for every occasion.

Check out some videos from Ethos and Northwest Pearl’s last visit for vendor day.

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