RSO + GO By Liberty Reach & Vendor Day

We have a new line of exciting products on our sales floor. 

Liberty Reach created a convenient, discrete, and effective product that is set to shake up the cannabis market.  RSO + GO is cannabis oil that has been extracted using pure grain alcohol which leaves it free of CO2 and Butane.  This method of extraction results in the final product having the full spectrum of important chemical compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids.

RSO stands for “Rick Simpson Oil”

RSO is a product created and popularized by Rick Simpson, a man who used this style of cannabis product for his cancer.  Rick Simpson has documented much of his research and experience with his oil, you can find his website here.

RSO + GO is cannabis oil that is fully activated; this means that it can be used as a topical or an edible, you can dab it or even roll some bud in it and smoke it.  This versatile product has applications for both medical and recreational users. 

Stop in today for Vendor Day and receive 15% Off all of the Liberty Reach products we have to offer.  Also, feel free to ask the Liberty Reach Vendors anything about their brand, what makes their products special, or anything else you can think of.  Come pick up some of their RSO + Go before we sell out!

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