New FLYTLAB Fuse E-Hookah & Lift Herbal Vaporizer

FLYTLAB Fuse E-Hookah & Lift Herbal Vaporizer

Lift Herbal Vaporizer: $180

If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking flower, this product is a great option.

With this herbal vaporizer you’ll be able to taste the full flavor profile of the cannabis product without the harsh smoke you get from combustion.

This product features a patented magnetic pyrex flip lip and a coil infused ceramic heating chamber. 

Fuse E-Hookah: $220

This all-in-one vaporizer is an impressive unit.  If you’re looking for a way to up your cannabis game, this may be the gadget for you.

This product features a unique double chamber cartridge system that allows you to mix all your materials in one easy to use vaporizer. 

Vape two different products at the same time with this great device.

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