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Artist Update: B Cole

As most of you may already know, local artist B Cole recently shot his new music video “Packs” at Destination HWY 420.  B Cole seeks to use his music to disseminate information about the current legal marijuana industry in Washington state. 

B Cole will be touring around Washington state soon and has planned on stopping by Destination HWY 420 in Bremerton to do a meet-and-greet with his fans.  The dates and times of his tour itinerary will be posted soon, stay tuned for updates!  Until then, check out this awesome article written about B Cole and Destination HWY 420 by The FLVR

Here is a short excerpt from the article written by: Bryant Worthing @bboyworthing from The FLVR

[The “Packs” song is inspired by the legal marijuana movement in the state of Washington. The laws of the Evergreen State, since 2012, allow the creation of a licensed and regulated system with marijuana production and distribution controlled by the state’s liquor control board. Washington was the second state in America behind Colorado to get these types of laws passed though several new states have garnered those luxuries since then. One of the top recreation shops in the state hails from Bremerton, Washington called Destination Hwy 420 who partnered up with B Cole for the latest visual and even filmed the music video at the shop location.]

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