New Items On The Sales Floor

New products on the shelves!  We just got in some new products from Eva/DD, Dama, Phat Panda, and Washington’s Finest.  Full details such as THC% and prices can be found on our menu.



Eva/Double Delicious:

1G Presidential Kush

1G/3.5G Cherry OG




2 Pack 1/2G Joints- DJ Short Blueberry, Sour Diesel, GDP

1G Grand Daddy Purple

2G Sour Diesel


Phat Panda:

Joints- 12th Man Down, The White, Berry White, Trash, Blue Dream, Grunk, Golden Pineapple, Space Queen, PGSC

2G 12th Man Down

2G PGSC Thin Mint

                                                                                             2G Exodus Cheese

Washington’s Finest:

Joints- Jack Herer, Presidential, Northern Lights, Gorilla Glue

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