Newest Items On The Sales Floor

Wondering what’s new on the shelves this week?  You can find some of the new products below.  For additional product details and availability, view the menu or call us at 360-627-8754

  • 2G/$35 Seattle Cough by Dutch Brothers Farms.  
  • 1G/$11 Cheese Quake, Thin Mint GSC, and Cannalope Kush by Eva/DD.  
  • 1G/$14 2G/$23 3.5G/$40 Dutch Hawaiian, Maui Waui, and Phantom Cookies by Suspended Brands
  • 1G/$7.50 2G/$15 3.5G/$25 Northern Lights and Kandi Kush by MR Wholesale 
  • 1G/$12 ATF and Dutch Hawaiian by Argo Mechanix

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