Why did you decide to work in the marijuana industry?

I recently had a family member pass away from a terminal medical condition; he refused to use marijuana to treat his condition even after several of his doctors highly recommended it.  The reason that he didn't want to use pot is because he was retired from the Military and worried that he would be drug tested.  At the time, it was possible that if he was caught with THC in his system, his medical benefits and pension could have been taken away.  Thankfully, the VA has been recently evolving towards a more pot-friendly system.  Soon, I imagine marijuana will be a much more commonly prescribed medicine through the VA... I only wish it would have happened sooner.

I have unfortunately found that many of our population still hold on to the inaccurate info that was propagandized to us during the "War On Drugs".  The only real factor preventing full national legalization of marijuana is ignorance of the public.  Public ignorance is due to certain corporate and governmental organizations that maliciously prevent real scientific data from reaching the public's ear.  

Through personal experience, and backed with scientific data, I am absolutely sold on the idea that I must be part of this new "budding" industry, because I view it as a movement for human rights.