What Is Fairy Dust?

Fairy Dust is a versatile and potent marijuana product similar to kief.  Kief is usually collected from the lower compartments of grinders after grinding up several buds.  Kief usually has a greenish hue because a large portion of it is made up of the leaves, stems, and other green plant material.  The THC percentage of kief usually ranges between 25%-45%.

Fairy Dust doesn't typically have a green hue, it's usually more of an amber, blonde, or even purple color.  Fairy Dust is collected by super-cooling  marijuana flower; the cold temperature causes the trichomes to get hard and brittle, they then agitate the flower which causes the frozen trichomes to fall off of the buds.  The reason that Fairy Dust doesn't have the green hue is because it is almost all trichomes, the THC rich crystals that give marijuana the frosty look.  Trichomes have a significantly higher percentage of THC than the green plant material.  The THC percentage of Fairy Dust usually ranges between 80%-95%.  

You can sprinkle Fairy Dust on top of a bowl loaded with flower or even mix it with your ground up bud in a joint.  Some people will even get a small scoop of sticky wax and then frost it with Fairy Dust and dab it.  

Fairy Dust being so versatile would be a great addition to any marijuana connoisseur's stash.  If you find yourself with some poor tasting, weak bud, you can always use Fairy Dust to kick up the effects and add some flavor.

So come on down and get some for yourself. 

1/2 gram Fairy Dust = $25

1 gram Fairy Dust = $47